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lachomb - XENOPIDERM Cream

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XENOPIDERM is a soothing regenerative cream that balances the skin through moisturizing, soothing, and regenerative care, and healthily manages damaged skin barriers.

Unlike regular creams, XENOPIDERM is an ointment-type W/O formula. W/O formulation is in the form of oil molecules enveloping water molecules, so, it helps to maintain moisture for a long time.

XENOPIDERM is an all-in-one derma renewal relief cream that soothes irritated skin and helps to replenish moisture and recover damaged skin barriers. All of the ingredients of XENOPIDERM are EWG safety grade, and it is a hypoallergenic product that excludes artificial scents and allergy-inducing substances, and can be used without irritation even on sensitive skin.


The esthetic brand 'La ChomB', which pursues natural beauty, has launched Xenopiderm, its second global joint product, following the successful launch of its first product, Dermaphilo.

Xenopiderm is an all-in-one Derma renewal relief cream that soothes irritated skin and helps to recharge moisture and restore collapsed skin barriers.
Xenopiderm, which was created to help strengthen the collapsed skin barrier after the recovery of healthy skin balance through the first product of La ChomB, Dermaphilo, is the most basic skincare product for healthy and natural skin.
All of Xenopiderm’s golden powder is EWG safety grade, a hypoallergenic product made without artificial scent, allergy-inducing substance and harmful ingredients, and sensitive skin can also be used without irritation.
Hydrolized collagen, Centella asiatica leaf extract, and Squalane are key components that perform their respective roles such as skin regeneration, sedation, and moisture charging.

Like Dermaphilo, a product designed to meet a collapsed skin regeneration cycle, Xenopiderm also aims to restore the most basic skin care that is damaged by external stimuli.

Even after the launch of the product, which is tailored to the slogan "The most natural beauty starts from the very basics," La ChomB will introduce a variety of new products to complete a complete skin care system.


Function: Derma Renewal Cream

Size: 35ML 



Package Weight: 9.56 oz