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La ChomB

La ChomB Pro-ClairRN Balm , BB Cream with SPF 40

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La ChomB Pro-ClairRN Balm

BB Cream with SPF 40

Pro-ClairRN Balm Points

- PRRN extracted from salmon’s DNA to increase intracellular growth factor activity and skin regeneration effect
- It contains adenosine, a wrinkle improvement material certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and cell growth factor to improve wrinkles and prevent skin aging
- Moisturizing and protecting skin membranes of hyaluronic acid and Soothing effects
- Skin whitening effect of niacinamide, a whitening functional ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food
and Drug Safety
- Improved skin adhesion by applying Micronizing Formula
- Matt and neat cover of skin that is prone to greasy skin due to excessive sebum secretion
- Strong UV Blocking effect due to the double content of sunscreen and absorbent
Pro-ClairRN Balm is a regenerative Blemish Balm containing PDRN extracted form the germ cells of salmon. It is a multi-functional product with three effects : Sun protection, wrinkle improvement, and skin whitening. Revitalizes the skin by promoting recovery of cells and tissues, angiogenesis, and improvement of blood flow. The excellent regenerative effect of PDRN gives vitality to the skin tired from the external environment. Ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extract and Allantoin help soothe the skin irritated by UV exposure. Pro-ClairRN Balm not only provides basic care for soothing, moisturizing, and regenerating, but also provides perfect UV protection with the dual content of sunscreen and absorbent.


Pro-ClairRN Balm Main ingredients
Regeneration : SODIUM DNA(PDRN), EGF, Adenosine | Soothing : Centella Asiatica, Allantoin
Moisturizing : Hyaluronic acid | Whitening : Niacinamide | UV Blocking : (UVA, UVB Blocking) Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Solar Complex

It is a tissue regeneration active material purified from DNA extracted from the reproductive cells of salmon. It activates magnetic cell growth factors, promotes cell and tissue repair, angiogenesis, and improvement of blood flow to revitalize the skin. It is known to be particularly effective in improving acne and acne scars and is a key ingredient in ’PDRN injection’, which is recently used in dermatology for skin regeneration.

As a functional ingredient for wrinkle improvement notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, it is effective in reorganizing, moisturizing, and resilient skin tissue. It protects the dermal fiber tissue to delay wrinkle formation and activate skin function. Skin-friendly ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to increase intracellular protein synthesis, promote collagen production, improve wrinkles, and give skin vitality.

As a whitening functional ingredient notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. it is an ingredient that has the effect of improving skin tone, suppressing the occurrence of troubles, whitening effect, and improving skin barrier. It blocks the path that melanin travels of the surface of the skin, so if you apply it to areas where scars or spot are about to appear, or areas that are exposed to strong UV rays, it will prevent dark spots.


It is a representative inorganic oxide UV-blocking ingredient that had the effect of physically repelling ultraviolet rays by forming a protective film on the skin. It is a ingredient that helps to block UV rays completely without cloudiness by applying a micronizing formula.


How to Use
Apply evenly over the face using hands or puffs. Apply a small amount frequently during the day for complete UV protection.

Pro-ClairRN Balm Usage Tips
1. Apply frequently during the day for complete UV protection.
2. Store the product at room temperature in cool and out of direct sunlight.



Function: Triple functional PDRN  regeneration Blemish Balm

Size: 35ML