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Hanami LA

Hanami LA Large Pre-Made Fan D curl / 10d / 240 fan

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Hanami LA Large Pre-Made Fan D curl / 10d / 240  fan 

Hanami LA Pre-made fans - 10D Volume 0.07 lashes with perfectly slim bases.

You want to give your clients  full volume lashes. 

Developed to be the most beautiful and consistent fans, Hanami LA Pre-made fans have tiny pointed bases and don’t have that artificial “pre-made” look that so many others do.  These 10D 0.07 fans are perfect for: 

- Lash artists who don’t have the ability to create hand-made volume yet. 

- Your back-up in case of emergency fans.

These fans work best when lifted off the strip from the base, then picked up and placed on the natural lash like a classic. 


Hanami LA Pre-made fans are available in single length  trays.

+ Thickness: 0.07

+ Curl: D

+ Color: Matte Black 

+ 20 raws / 240 fans

Available in 8-15 mm (10,11,12,13,14,15 mm) length

Lash Tray Size: Width 10.8 cm x Height 14.5 cm x Depth 1.5 cm 

Packing Weight: 3.14 oz