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Bulle Mask 5 packs

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💗🖤Bulle Mask 5 packs

🤍Deep cleansing with micro bubbles!

🤍Easy and simple wash-off pack

🤍Mask for your skin from makeup and fine dust.

BULLE Mask Pack is designed for dry sensitive skin with a mild pH that is less irritating to the skin. By removing the skin harmful element due to bubbles, the affected skin is cleaned and clean. This is a seat-type mask pack that provides a high level of skin affinity also safe to use on troubled skin by using various plant extracts as the main base.

Bulle Mask is for cleansers with sheets included. Instead of erasing eyes or lips, I put eye remover and cleanser at once. It also leaves moisture on your face after washing your face

Just 10 minutes!!!

💡After cleansing with a Bulle Mask, her skin sparkled more.

💡Put a cleansing mask, Bulle Mask on your makeup all day long. After taking a shower, you can experience improved skin texture and brighter skin tone.

💡Solve the hassle of double-cleansing at once with a Bulle Mask! It soothes not only eye makeup but also red skin.