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Hanami LA

Adhesive Wipes / 200 wipes

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Adhesive Wipes _ Hanami LA

Eyelash Extension Adhesive Wipes, "Hanami LA Adhesive Wipes" will clean your adhesive nozzle tip without the need for any additional cleaning supplies or solutions. Use "Hanami LA Adhesive Wipes"between each use of adhesive to prevent the cap from sticking to the nozzle. The wipes will not stick to the bottle or leave any residues behind. They are also perfect for cleaning tweezers, jade lash palettes, or our Adhesive Wipes also have the ability to clean perfectly on different surfaces with remover.

Product Highlights:

Cotton and Lint free wipes.
Each pack contains 200 wipes.
You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.

Packing Size: Width 5.5 cm x Height 7.8 cm x Depth 5 cm

Packing Weight: 1.87 oz