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RNW Sleeping Mask 21 packs

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👄RNW Sleeping Mask 21 packs

Sleeping mask to rejuvenate the natural power of the skin while sleeping.

This mask is a formulation that instantly feels moisture, and creates a fresh moisturizing layer on the skin to keep the skin moist.

It is good for dry and sensitive skin.

Apply to your face for moisture & hydration.

All products are EWG Green grade!

Renew your skin

Are you looking for a sanitary mask pack without a sheet? The RNW Sleeping Mask is an individually packed moisture pack in enough quantities to be used once. Sleeping Mask provides posture while sleeping. It contains squalene and phytospingosin to help your tired skin recover. 

Unlike regular mask packs, RNW Sleeping Mask packs are packaged individually, so consumers can apply them directly.

📍Do not eat. Apply to your face for moisture & hydration.