Body Art in Los Angeles County

Public Health processes registrations for body art practitioners and permits body art facilities.

Summary of the Safe Body Art Act

즉, Practitioner와 Facility에 각각에 대한 Registration을 해야 합니다.

1. Body Art Facility

공사를 하기 전에는 Plan Check을 위해 Body Art Facility Plan Check Guideline 과 같은 Plan 3장을 준비해서, 다음의 다른 서류와 함께 제출하여야 합니다. Operators must submit for approval construction plans and a copy of their Infection Prevention and Control Plan and the required fee.

공사를 하고 나서 Plan Check을 받기위해서는, Plan을 준비해서 Inpection을 요청하여야 합니다. After construction, the operator must request an inspection of the facility to determine that the construction and operating methods meet the approved plans. For information about Body Art Inspection, please refer to our Body Art Inspection Guide .

All Body Art Facilities, such as tattoo parlors, piercing shops, permanent makeup businesses, and microblading businesses, must have a public health permit. To open a new body art facility business plans, Infection Control Plans, and a Public Health Permit Application must be submitted:

For more information regarding plan check please review: Body Art Facility Plan Check Guideline

2. Practitioner

All Body Art Practitioners (“artists”) must be over the age of 18 and must register with their local agency. In order to register with the County of Los Angeles you must provide the following: